Keep him on his toes through your clothes…

    For centuries women have been dazzling men with their appearance. From the perfect shade of lipsticks , eye makeup, and our luscious hair. A key element to this has always been the clothing we drape our bodies in. Throughout history women like Cleopatra and her goddess-like appearance; Onto women of the Victorian era and their waist clenching corsets. Now, this isn't for the “stereotypical feminist” or the faint hearted, but women should want to feel sexy and desirable to men. We express that in our appearance. Fast forward to today, we pick the perfect pair of pants or “little black dress” to accentuate every curve that we have. We no longer have to go to extreme measures. The reality of it is, men are such easy creatures to please, but if you are bold enough to spice it up, then why not! 

The more you give is the more you get! Yes, that applies in sense of fashion too. For example what I mean by “give” is what you are saying to the world. You can give simple jeans and a t-shirt that reads casual and maybe get a few looks, or you can make a statement and turn heads by the dozens. The choice is yours.

    No, it isn't about seeking attention, it's about keeping the attention. It's about being able to switch up your style and wear anything that you want. It’s about being a one women spectacle, honey because fashion is a form of art. You can literally make people, men, in particular, feel emotions by the way that you dress. There are a thousand and one ways to keep him on his toes with your clothes, you should start with trying these three.

1) Incorporate lace      

    Lace is sexy, soft, and delicate. The transparency screams seduction while the texture tickles your feel sense.

2) Play with colors 

    Colors are confidence! Men are attracted to brightness, be the light!    

3) Jewelry 

    Accessories always add that little extra bling that spruce up any look. The simplest outfit can become the most extravagant by the jewels.

written by @dayummgina

Gina Smith