This Print Piece is all about being BOLD! Summer is here now and "The Addiction" Summer/2015 collection exhilarating boldness is in full effect. Within this piece you will see some of the new color ways that are available to spice up your swim drawer this season.

     Last week Gina and I were able to feature a pink vintage Benz which came about from her flagging down a girl in traffic. Compliments of good people, talking to strangers can result in cool shit happening.

    If only we had checked the forecast. Shooting this day was so annoying...It wound up being extremely windy and my weave just wouldn't agree with the heavy breeze! We were located on the outskirts of the Las Vegas desert. The strong bursts of wind storms and tumbleweeds were a big challenge, but Nonetheless my PNC (patna n crime) and I thugged it out to get the shot. I mean getting the shot is all it's really about! We captured some pretty pleasing images of Lady T wearing the newest TLZ in hopes that you relish our first blog entry...

By the way you will see the same photo in multiple edits. I tend to be extremely picky and indecisive when I edit. :)


by; GINA and TLAZSA 

CAM : Gina 


Make Up Hair: TLAZSA

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