A Genderless brand. Designed for the Deity within us all. Based in California all pieces are handmade by owner and designer Tlazsa. TLZ is more then what you wear, but the electric energy and light within oneself.


8am - 5pm 


Customer service inquiries regarding stock availability, custom orders, rush order, and general questions about garments please email us at Contact@tlzlfemme.com
Questions regarding orders placed please email us at Orders@tlzlfemme.com Subject
"order number"
Public and Media Relation inquiries please email us at Pr@tlzlfemme.com
Wholesale Retailers, E-commerce Drop Shipping retailers contacts us at Sales@tlzlfemme.com
All submissions for models, interns, assistants, and designers please email us at Submissions@tlzlfemme.com Subject; "Position"
Telephone: (424) 302.6468
1040 S. Los Angeles St. Suite #11